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Suite Exclusive "El Mayor"

Welcome to the Suite Exclusive "El Mayor," a living tribute to the unforgettable Cuban patriot from Camaguey, Ignacio Agramonte. Known as "El Mayor," Agramonte was an icon of courage, integrity, and love for his homeland. Just as its name suggests, this suite is designed to embody the greatness and elegance that Agramonte himself represented.

A Historical Tribute
As you immerse yourself in the room's refined atmosphere, consider the deep historical and cultural connection to Camaguey that the "El Mayor" Suite represents. Each detail has been meticulously chosen to honor Agramonte's indomitable spirit—a man who lived and fought for the freedom and dignity of his people.

A Room with A Unique Character
The "El Mayor" suite is unique among our offerings in that it preserves the original bathroom of the villa, transporting you to a different time while offering all the modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Space and Comfort
With its cozy 20 square meters, the Suite Exclusive "El Mayor" is perfect for solo travelers or couples. The large window lets in enveloping natural light, illuminating the room and offering a relaxing view of our inner garden. Let the greenery and flowers inspire you as you relax in the luxury of your suite.

Premium Features

  • Wi-Fi Connection: Stay connected with the outside world, thanks to our fast and reliable internet.
  • Refrigerator: A fridge in your room for your snacks and beverages.
  • Air Conditioning: Enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, regardless of the weather outside.
  • 32-inch TV: Relax with a wide range of shows and movies right from your bed.
  • Safety Deposit Box: Store your valuables securely.
  • Hair Dryer and Private Bathroom: All the comforts of your personal bathroom, equipped with a hairdryer and high-quality toiletries.
  • Double Bed (140x190): Sleep peacefully on a spacious and comfortable double bed.

Breakfast Upon Request
To make your day even more special, we offer a breakfast service upon request. Starting your day with a lovingly prepared breakfast is the best way to prepare for the adventures that await you in Camaguey.

Welcoming the Little Ones
Children are welcome in the Suite Exclusive "El Mayor." There are no additional charges if they use the existing beds, and for our youngest guests up to 5 years old, a folding crib is available.

The Suite Exclusive "El Mayor" is not just a room; it is a celebration of Cuban culture, Camaguey's heritage, and Ignacio Agramonte's indomitable spirit. We are certain that your stay in this room will be as memorable as the man it is dedicated to.

We invite you to discover all that the Suite Exclusive "El Mayor" has to offer. Book now for a truly unique experience.